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Hello dear readers, thinkers, writers and my friends, WelCome to MyReflections.

My name is Vikash. I was born and grown up in India. I can speak English, Hindi, Bengali and Khortha. Unfortunately, I could not get my Degree in Engineering, just got the Diploma in E.E, but want to study on my interests in the future.

I speak less and think more. Ya, definitely I’m an introvert and this character give me a hunger to write. I love reading and writing as well. Someday I hope to write something special on MyReflections.

I’m a huge Cricket Fan. I love to play and watch it. Apart from cricket I like other  sports as well.

Some of my interests on music, journey, photography, drawing, chating, making new friends. I like politics as well.

This blog is mainly to share my views in the way of poetry, morceau, comics, thoughts and quotes. My motto is to spread kindness, positivity and inspiration.

Thank you very much for paying attention on me and read it. I hope you enjoyed it.

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